Various linear profiles and custom downlights - Mallorca.


Mock Up of Bespoke Indirect Timber Roof Stucture - Hawaii.


Linear Profiles to backlit mirror and shadow gaps - London.


Linear LED systems to wine cellar - Sussex.


Shallow Depth 8mm LED Floor-Wash Paver - Ontario.


Bespoke Skylights - London.


Skylight with backlit Barrisol - London.


Linear LEDs to tasklighting in Kitchen - Chelsea.


Prototype for Concrete Coffer Lighting system - Honolulu


Side emitting fibres to shadow gap detail - Nantucket.


High Output Linear vanity system - Toronto.


Wallwashers to Art and Feature Wall - London.


Plaster-in linear profile around skylights - London.


Dim-to-Warm Wallwashers, Private Residence - Boston.


Integrated Lighting to Custom Stair - Bahamas.


Miniature 2 x 6mm LED system to Staircase - London